This issue hasn't gone away (even though I see this thread has been pretty 
quiet for a couple years).

Adding to cases where folks need NFS support in zones:

Clustering. Server Consolidation. 

We have an older cluster that we are getting ready to retire (rather well worn 
VCS cluster, served well but it's time for it to go....). It manages DB2 
service groups, and NFS service groups.

On it's replacement - nice shiny new server, switching over to Sun Cluster. We 
can consolidate the database tier of multiple environments - just use zones. 
The global zone on one subnet, DB2 zones using ip-type exclusive all on their 
own subnet. Failover would be at the zone level, plus we can manage replication 
to our DR site.

Except... we can't put the NFS server into the zones. Won't work. Putting it in 
global means that the global zone is "not completely an administrative domain" 
anymore, now it's performing functions for end users. So we've lost process 
isolation, and it impacts how we'll be doing the cluster.

Fortunately, we only have one case of NFS server usage. We work around this 
limit by simply not using NFS - a shame, really, since there are applications 
that would benifit from having NFS usage, but in this day and age of server 
consolidation and process isolation, NFS no longer fits.

So -
1. Having an official Sun activity to push this thing would be very nice. It 
would fit with the demand for server consolidation and isolation that is 
current in the market.
2. Making it a community project - well, slower, but better than nothing. 
Hopefully it'll get done prior to the next release of Solaris. Server 
consolidation, with functions partitioned off from each other, is right now a 
huge driving force in the market.
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