On 08/02/09 08:23, Ketan wrote:
I 've a zone which is running oracle db instance. We have exported the SAN file system from the global zone as following
        dir: /oradb
        special: /oradb
        raw not specified
        type: lofs
        options: []

from global zone
#df -h | grep oradb
/dev/dsk/emcpower174c    17G   5.1G    11G    31%    /oradb/archa
/dev/dsk/emcpower177c    58G   3.3G    54G     6%    /oradb/index1
/dev/dsk/emcpower172c   9.9G   610M   9.2G     7%    /oradb/redob
/dev/dsk/emcpower176c    58G    30G    27G    53%    /oradb/index2
/dev/dsk/emcpower180c    58G    35G    23G    61%    /oradb/data1

Problem is from local zone if i do cd to /oradb/data1 and then df -h . ,  i get 
following error  Is there anyway i get the usage or df o/p of lofs file system 
from the local zone itself

local_zone# df -h .
df: Could not find mount point for .
local_zone # pwd
local_zone# df -h /oradbdb/data1
df: Could not find mount point for /oradbdb/data1

I'd say your zone configuration is wrong. /oradb is not a single file system. I it a directory with mount points for five (5) file systems. If you want those file systems visible in the zone, you will need five 'fs' directives. One for each of /oradb/*.

file system != directory.

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