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Adding ZFS Volumes to a Non-Global Zone

If you've just mounted /oradb and it has other file systems mounted on directories in the tree then they will also have to be in the non-global zone.


You have /oradb mounted on c0t0d0s0

You have /oradb/fred/foo on c1t1d0s3

Then when you cd to /oradb/fred/foo unless c1t1d0s3 is also "accessible" in the zone you will not be able to get to it.

There are various ways of doing this one is "loopback mounts":-

Ketan wrote:
Yes you are correct i 'm able to access them from the local zone but the only problem is that if i do cd into any of the /oradb/* file system i get unable to get mount point 
is there any way if i can put the df -h output from the global zone to local zone by any kind of shared file system ?


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