This is two ways. I've use method 1 a lot (because you had to). Method 2 "should work"

1. Delete them before you start and recreate them afterwards.This should be quicker on ZFS but I've never tried. It depends on how well the zone configuration is documented and what it does i.e how much undocumented "customization" has happened.

2. Detach them. Then do the upgrade. Then attach -u them zoneadm(1M).  Thise may not improve the "overall time" buts get the global zone back quicker. Again I've never tried this.


The machine is usable whilst the LU is happening I use to start it off and go home. Just let it run overnight. However I've heard on systems with lots of zones overnight can not be long enough :-(

Katelin Bailey wrote:
Is there any known way of bypassing or trimming down what liveupgrade does during zone installation? I'd like to speed up the process, which seems lengthy for such "lightweight" zones. 

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