On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 02:35:07AM -0700, RAjiv Patel wrote:
> I have created a zone , namely ems-ora-zoneB. Then to install the zone , I 
> executed the following command.
> zoneadm -z ems-ora-zoneB install
> It has been more than 40 hours, but the prompt still shows " Initializing 
> zone product registry".
> One more thing is that it also does not show progress of zone installation in 
> the percentage(%).
> After waiting for 40 hours, I rebooted the machine, and here is what it shows:
> ari23bca# zoneadm list -cv
> 0 global running /
> - ems-ora-zoneB configured /opt/ems-ora-zoneB
> It shows that zone is only "configured" whereas it should have shown that 
> zone is "installed".

actually, it sounds like the zone install hung, so after rebooting it
makes sense that the zone is marked configured and not installed.

if you want to get the zone installed you need to figure out why the
install is hanging.

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