It should be possible to do it since the integration of PSARC
2008/015 svccfg refresh subcommand in nevada.


# svccfg
svc:> repository <zonepath>/etc/svc/repository.db
svc:> select <instance_FMRI>
svc:> setprop general/enabled = true
svc:> refresh
svc:> exit

I've never tried it though and I'm not sure you can
manipulate the 'general' property group offline.

Btw, to be able to do it, the NGZ must be running the
same OS as the Global Zone otherwise you could corrupt
the repository.

-- Renaud

Bernd Schemmer wrote:

AFAIK the  "upgrade" script is not an stable interface.

IMHO it's better to create an rc script in the zone with the svcadm enable command which removes itself after executing the svcadm command.



Mike Gerdts wrote:
On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 10:50 AM, Brad Diggs <> wrote:
I would like to svcadm enable a service of a non-global zone who's state is not 'running'.
Is that possible?  If so, how?
Thanks in advance,
Brad Diggs
Principal Field Technologist

You can cause it to become enabled on the next boot with:

echo "svcadm enable $fmri" >> $zonepath/root/var/svc/profile/upgrade

This will get processed when manifest-import runs early in the zone
boot process.  I'm not so sure that this is considered to be an
interface, so it may break at any time.  It is probably best to ask on
smf-discuss if you care about the stability of this mechanism.

Mike Gerdts
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