hello all,
i have a machine os2008.11, with many zones. I'm in the process of upgrade to os2009.06, the global zone is ok, but some zones failed:

Indexing Packages ...  Done
  Updating non-global zone: (Stage 2).  Output follows

pkg: The following package(s) violated constraints:
Package pkg:/libnb-profi...@6.7,5.11-0.111 conflicts with constraint in installed pkg:/netbeans-incorporation: Pkg libnb-profiler: Optional min_version: 6.5,5.11 max version: 6.5,5.11 defined by: pkg:/netbeans-incorporation
ERROR: Could not update attaching zone

Strangely, i can attach the zone without "-u", and boot it, and the zone seems to be up to date (b111b instead of b101b)

But what's the meaning of this error? is the zone really clean?

thanks for help,


PS: some one has the same problem, but no one replied:

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