Performing lucreate and luupgrade from 10 03/05 to 10 10/08, and I get these 
odd messages.  Anyone seen them and what should I be concerned about?

sudo luupgrade -u -n Sol10Oct08 -s /mnt

42092 blocks
miniroot filesystem is <lofs>
Mounting miniroot at </mnt/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot>
Validating the contents of the media </mnt>.
The media is a standard Solaris media.
The media contains an operating system upgrade image.
The media contains <Solaris> version <10>.
Constructing upgrade profile to use.
Locating the operating system upgrade program.
Checking for existence of previously scheduled Live Upgrade requests.
Creating upgrade profile for BE <Sol10Oct08>.
invalid property 'zpdata:rbe'
        list [-rH] [-o property[,property]...] [-t type[,type]...]
            [filesystem|volume|snapshot] ...

The following properties are supported:


        type             NO       NO   filesystem | volume | snapshot
        creation         NO       NO   <date>
        used             NO       NO   <size>
        available        NO       NO   <size>
        referenced       NO       NO   <size>
        compressratio    NO       NO   <1.00x or higher if compressed>
        mounted          NO       NO   yes | no | -
        origin           NO       NO   <snapshot>
        quota           YES       NO   <size> | none
        reservation     YES       NO   <size> | none
        volsize         YES       NO   <size>
        volblocksize     NO       NO   512 to 128k, power of 2
        recordsize      YES      YES   512 to 128k, power of 2
        mountpoint      YES      YES   <path> | legacy | none
        sharenfs        YES      YES   on | off | share(1M) options
        checksum        YES      YES   on | off | fletcher2 | fletcher4 | sha256
        compression     YES      YES   on | off | lzjb
        atime           YES      YES   on | off
        devices         YES      YES   on | off
        exec            YES      YES   on | off
        setuid          YES      YES   on | off
        readonly        YES      YES   on | off
        zoned           YES      YES   on | off
        snapdir         YES      YES   hidden | visible
        aclmode         YES      YES   discard | groupmask | passthrough
        aclinherit      YES      YES   discard | noallow | secure | passthrough

Sizes are specified in bytes with standard units such as K, M, G, etc.
Determining packages to install or upgrade for BE <Sol10Oct08>.
Performing the operating system upgrade of the BE <Sol10Oct08>.
CAUTION: Interrupting this process may leave the boot environment unstable
or unbootable.
Upgrading Solaris: 100% completed
Installation of the packages from this media is complete.
Updating package information on boot environment <Sol10Oct08>.
Package information successfully updated on boot environment <Sol10Oct08>.
Adding operating system patches to the BE <Sol10Oct08>.
The operating system patch installation is complete.
INFORMATION: The file </var/sadm/system/logs/upgrade_log> on boot
environment <Sol10Oct08> contains a log of the upgrade operation.
INFORMATION: The file </var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_cleanup> on boot
environment <Sol10Oct08> contains a log of cleanup operations required.
WARNING: <2> packages failed to install properly on boot environment 
INFORMATION: The file </var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_failed_pkgadds> on
boot environment <Sol10Oct08> contains a list of packages that failed to
upgrade or install properly.
INFORMATION: Review the files listed above. Remember that all of the files
are located on boot environment <Sol10Oct08>. Before you activate boot
environment <Sol10Oct08>, determine if any additional system maintenance
is required or if additional media of the software distribution must be
The Solaris upgrade of the boot environment <Sol10Oct08> is partially complete.
Installing failsafe
Failsafe install is complete.
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