John D Groenveld wrote:
In message <>, Jerry Jelinek writes:
The workaround for what?

On snv_127, "zfs receive" does not mount the zbe and "zoneadm attach"
fails until its mounted:
# uname -v
# zfs receive -d rpool < /var/tmp/foo.snapshot
# zonecfg -z foo create -a /var/opt/zones/foo
# zfs get mountpoint rpool/var/zones/foo/ROOT/zbe
NAME                          PROPERTY    VALUE                    SOURCE
rpool/var/zones/foo/ROOT/zbe  mountpoint  /var/opt/zones/foo/root  local
# mount | grep /var/opt/zones/foo
/var/opt/zones/foo on rpool/var/zones/foo 
read/write/setuid/devices/nonbmand/exec/xattr/atime/dev=2d9005f on Mon Nov 30 
16:01:41 2009
# zoneadm -z foo attach
Log File: /var/tmp/foo.attach_log.plaGWe
ERROR: no active dataset.
# zfs mount rpool/var/zones/foo/ROOT/zbe
# zoneadm -z foo attach -u
Log File: /var/tmp/foo.attach_log.T9aOnf

       Global zone version: ent...@0.5.11,5.11-0.127:20091111T131831Z
   Non-Global zone version: ent...@0.5.11,5.11-0.125:20091014T044127Z
           Publisher Check: Looks good.
                     Cache: Using /var/pkg/download.
  Updating non-global zone: (Stage 1).  Output follows
DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
Completed                                91/91   3191/3191    80.7/80.7

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Removal Phase                              2462/2462
Install Phase                              2650/2650
Update Phase                               4402/4402
  Updating non-global zone: (Stage 2).  Output follows
No updates necessary for this image.
  Updating non-global zone: Zone updated to 
Attach complete.

Thats not a workaround, thats what you have to do if you want to set
up an attach by hand.  The zone's dataset must be accessible when
you do a simple attach (i.e. it must be in the same state as if you'd
done a detach followed by an attach on the same system).  There are a
variety of additional options for attach which allow you to automatically
attach from an image made on another system.  These options will do
the proper setup for you.  We have an experimental -r option which can
be used for zfs send input but I need to do some more work with it and
we need some additional automated tests to make sure it is solid.  At
this point I'm not really sure how well its working.  I need to take
some time to work with it further.


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