Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote:
Hey Ed, Steve, Jordan, Jerry,

I got it in writing from Veritas Engineering that they do not have any heartburn
over using "fsck -o p" on VxFS and inside the zone and also by testing in the 
lab I
confirmed it behaves as expected and similar to UFS:

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# uname -a
SunOS lab234 5.10 Generic_139555-08 sun4u sparc sun4u
# pkginfo -l VRTSvxfs
      NAME:  VERITAS File System
  CATEGORY:  system,utilities
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  5.0,REV=5.0A55_sol
# fsck -F vxfs -o p /dev/rdsk/c1t14d0s0
/dev/rdsk/c1t14d0s0:file system is clean - log replay is not required
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here's the new webrev for your consideration:


Looks fine to me.

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