It would be useful to know if the memory leak is in locked memory or
not. What isthe output of the following command, in both cases (app in
GZ, app in a zone):

GZ# pmap -x <pid>


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 5:09 AM, AdinaKalin
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm struggling with the following problem and I have no idea how to
> solve it.
> I'm testing an application which is running fine on a global zone,but
> memory leaking when installed on a local zone.
> The local zone has its whole root and a very simple, basic configuration:
> bash-3.00# zonecfg -z mdmMDMzone
> zonecfg:mdmMDMzone> info
> zonename: mdmMDMzone
> zonepath: /mdmMDMzone
> brand: native
> autoboot: true
> bootargs:
> pool:
> limitpriv: default,dtrace_proc,dtrace_user,proc_priocntl,proc_lock_memory
> scheduling-class: FSS
> ip-type: shared
> net:
>         address:
>         physical: e1000g0
>         defrouter not specified
> One of the application processes, when started on global zone, has an
> rss of about 5 GB ( prstat -s rss ) and it keeps this size to the end of
> the test. If I stop the application on global zone and I start it on
> local zone, the same process starts with the normal size ( 5gb on prstat
> -s rss ) but is growing  during the test ( I saw it 25GB on a server
> with 32 gb RAM ) until is failing. I don't understand why is this
> behavior and if the application has a memory leak, why I don't see it on
> the
> global zone.
> Any help is more than welcome!!!
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