In Solaris/OpenSolaris, /home is the automounter's mount point for home 
directories. You could put home directories in /export/home or you could use 
the automounter. Home directories are still created in /export/home but the 
automounter mounts them in /home, using the guidelines below. There are 3 files 
involved in the automounter:

halstead:x:1000:1000:Ron Halstead:/home/halstead:/usr/bin/ksh93

# Master map for automounter
/net            -hosts          -nosuid,nobrowse
/home           auto_home       -nobrowse

# Home directory map for automounter
*       sol11:/export/home/&          # my hostname is sol11

Then start the automounter
svcadm enable autofs

Unfortunately, adduser does not read the automounter maps so it will still fail 
to create the home directory. You will have to do it manually. But then again, 
this is not a hardship for me as I create user accounts with vi, always have, 
always will (adduser didn't exist when I started).

I highly recommend O'Reilly's book, Managing NFS & NIS. Chapter 9 explains the 
automounter very well.

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