Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote:
> This just can't be an accident, there must be some coincidence and thus 
> there's a good chance
> that these CHKSUM errors must have a common source, either in ZFS or in NFS ?

One possible cause would be a lack of substantial exercise.  The man
page says:

         A regular file. The use of files as a backing  store  is
         strongly  discouraged.  It  is  designed  primarily  for
         experimental purposes, as the fault tolerance of a  file
         is  only  as  good  as  the file system of which it is a
         part. A file must be specified by a full path.

Could it be that "discouraged" and "experimental" mean "not tested as
thoroughly as you might like, and certainly not a good idea in any sort
of production environment?"

It sounds like a bug, sure, but the fix might be to remove the option.

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