On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 14:22:59 +0100, dick hoogendijk <d...@nagual.nl> wrote:

> I get very very frustrated. I installed a zone on my opensolaris b131
> and all went well. The zone boots OK.
> Then it's time for the "zlogin -C" but no matter what, I always seem to
> choose the wrong keyboard and so all I get pressing F2 is "OQ". This is
> on opensolaris-b131
> What type of terminal do I choose. I work from within gnome, but if
> needed I'll shutdown gdm and work from the console.
> Can I reverse the wrong choice I made or do I have to uninstall the
> complete zone?

you don't have to uninstall to pick another keyboard, just use sys-unconfig(1M)
inside this zone, on reboot, you'll be asked again.


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