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rpool/www                     3.64G   377G  3.64G  /var/www
rpool/zones                   3.00G   377G    24K  /zones
rpool/zones/anduin            1.94G   377G    24K  /zones/anduin
rpool/zones/anduin/ROOT       1.94G   377G    21K  legacy
rpool/zones/anduin/ROOT/zbe   1.94G   377G  1.91G  legacy
rpool/zones/midgard           1.06G   377G    24K  /zones/midgard
rpool/zones/midgard/ROOT      1.06G   377G    21K  legacy
rpool/zones/midgard/ROOT/zbe  1.06G   377G  1.06G  legacy

I want to move the rpool/www zfs filesystem to zone midgard.
Is this possible and how is this done?
I guess it will no longer be accessible from the GZ then. That would be
good, because I want to seperate my webserver from my global zone.
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