dick hoogendijk wrote:
# zfs list
rpool/www                     3.64G   377G  3.64G  /var/www
rpool/zones                   3.00G   377G    24K  /zones
rpool/zones/anduin            1.94G   377G    24K  /zones/anduin
rpool/zones/anduin/ROOT       1.94G   377G    21K  legacy
rpool/zones/anduin/ROOT/zbe   1.94G   377G  1.91G  legacy
rpool/zones/midgard           1.06G   377G    24K  /zones/midgard
rpool/zones/midgard/ROOT      1.06G   377G    21K  legacy
rpool/zones/midgard/ROOT/zbe  1.06G   377G  1.06G  legacy

I want to move the rpool/www zfs filesystem to zone midgard.
Is this possible and how is this done?
I guess it will no longer be accessible from the GZ then. That would be
good, because I want to seperate my webserver from my global zone.

I see at least two options. You can change the type of rpool/www in the global zone to "legacy" and let the zone mount it wherever it wants or you can mount it somewhere in the global zone and have the zone reference it as type "lofs". Since you want to prevent the GZ from seeing its content, the former method may carry more weight.

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