I've been looking at the feasibility of using S8 containers to replace
some truly
antiquated hardware. However, evaluation has (apparently - I'm still trying to
establish the details) uncovered a snag.

One of the applications in use is the old iPlanet suite. Directory names include
things like ias6, and the problem is that it seems to fail to start
and leaves the odd
core dump around. So, while those involved are rubbishing containers and want
to redeploy onto antiquated bare metal, I was wondering

(a) if anyone had used the old iPlanet app server in an S8 container, and
(b) if there are compatibility problems, where do I need to start
turning over rocks?


(and apologies for the vagueness)

-Peter Tribble
http://www.petertribble.co.uk/ - http://ptribble.blogspot.com/
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