As an experiment, we recently modified a zone's configuration definition, then 
uninstalled a zone completely - note the message of our previous boot 
environment being promoted:  

# zoneadm -z zone-one uninstall
Are you sure you want to uninstall zone zone-one (y/[n])? y
promoting 'rpool/zones/zone-one/ROOT/zbe-1'

However, the system's boot is interrupted by the zfs boot -a command (in svc 

cannot mount '/rpool/zones/zone-one': directory is not empty (this is true; 
like our other zones, it has the empty directories /root and /dev), though 
ZFSes for all other zones mount automatically at system boot.

This is easy to bypass with the -O option to zfs mount:

zfs mount -O /rpool/zones/zone-one
(presumably we could also empty the directory in question)

But I'd like to know what happened here.

The broader question: Do we manage/delete these unused intra-zone Boot 
Environments from within each zone itself?  IE, beadm?
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