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> I'm wondering if there is a way to get a zoneid from kernel even though
> it's not in user context. If it's possible, this is useful for us to
> activate an HCA port in the exclusive-IP zone at boot time.
> Here's the background info.
> Currently the IP path info is gotten when the driver is attached, then
> an HCA port can be ready for RDSv3, but this way is for the global zone,
> and it doesn't work well for the exclusive-IP zone because the driver cannot
> get the zoneid when it's attached (so far). After all, we have to wait until
> customers run a command for RDSv3 in the zone, but the port should be ready
> at boot time w/o any customers' actions. It'd be better off getting it
> in the driver attach, but I don't know if it's possible.
> If it's not possible to get a zoneid from kernel if it's not in user context,
> then is there any recommended method to get it at boot time? I'm thinking
> maybe by using SMF, we can invoke an appropriate command (like ifconfig) at
> boot time to activate HCAs in the exclusive-IP zones, but if there is a proper
> way for this kind of purpose, that'd be better.

for kernel consumers use:

#include <sys/zone.h>

    473 extern zoneid_t getzoneid(void);



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