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> hey all,
> i had a quick questions for all the zones users out there.
> after you've configured and installed a zone with ip-type=shared (the
> default), how often do you change the network interfaces assigned to
> that zone via zonecfg(1m)?  frequently? infrequently? never?  only when
> moving from testing to production?  etc...

Almost never.

The only time I've ever done this was when a network interface on a
machine failed
and I had to use a different interface temporarily before the hardware
was repaired.

Mind you, I've always regarded it as a bug that you have to specify the physical
interface in the configuration rather than just assigning an address
and letting the
system find the correct interface for you.

That's for physical interfaces; I occasionally have to add extra IP
addresses to a
zone, using ifconfig to add them on the fly and zonecfg so they stick at boot.

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