Try "pkg search /usr/sbin/pkgadd":

arrakis [12:39:03 0]% pkg search `whence pkgadd`
path       file   usr/sbin/pkgadd pkg:/sunwpkgc...@0.5.11-0.132
path       file   usr/sbin/pkgadd pkg:/package/s...@0.5.11-0.133
path       file   usr/sbin/pkgadd pkg:/package/s...@0.5.11-0.134

Try installing the package/svr4 package.

Hope that helps,

On 07/ 1/10 12:28 PM, Dennis wrote:

I want to install the blastwave install script. But there is no pkgadd in the 
container. What is the name of the IPS package for pkgadd? Or what is the fix 
for this?

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