On 12/ 6/10 03:14 AM, Fabian R. Breschi wrote:
   On 12/ 4/10 02:42 PM, Fabian R. Breschi wrote:
I have installed SUNWsmba on a non-global zone as
well as in the global zone
The global zone is okay, while the non-global zone
it doesn't looks like to reply correctly to incoming
Has anybody had this type of problem? maybe there's
no support for SUNWsmba in a non-global zone?

Samba works fine in zones, I have a number of former
Samba servers
visualised into zones.
"Former" means pkg:/SUNWsmba or pkg:/service/network/samba?

Former means Solaris 8 & 9!

The zones run on Solaris 10, using the bundled Samba.


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