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> Hi All,
> how can one migrate oracle DB (2 instances) from the global zone to non-local 
> zones ?
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> sam

Oracle Solaris 11 Express provides Oracle Solaris 10 Containers which
are designed to solve such problems.


If you have a non-trivial installation (e.g. you are using ASM, you
have SAN attached disk containing file systems for binaries and
databases, etc.) you will likely need to do some additional

Be sure to check with the database folks to ensure that you remain in
a supported configuration.

If you aren't able to move to Solaris 11 Express (even with Solaris 10
Containers), the process for migrating will be highly dependent on
your configuration.  The last time I read the oracle database
installation instructions (several years ago) the recommendation was
to have separate file systems for the oracle executables (e.g. /u01)
and others for database files, indexes, etc.  (e.g. /u02, /u03, ... or
/<sid>/u01, /<sid>/u02, ...)  If this is the case, then you likely
need to do something along the lines of the following.

This an off the cuff description of the process that is generic and
almost certainly misses things that exist in your configuration.  Test
it on non-production machines first and consult with DBAs and Oracle
Solaris and database support as needed.

1) Configure the zone with zonecfg.  You will most likely need to set
various resource controls ("add rctl" in zonecfg) for shared memory,
etc.  I suspect that current Oracle DB installation docs will describe
what needs to be set.
2) Install the zone with zoneadm install.
3) Boot the zone and do any configuration needed.  For example, add
users and groups needed.
4) Shut down the database
5) Remove (or comment) the /etc/vfstab entries corresponding to the
oracle databases and binaries from the global zone
6) Add "fs" entries to the zone's configuration (with zonecfg)
corresponding to the entries removed from the global zone's
7) Reboot the zone
8) Start the database in the zone.

Mike Gerdts
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