Hi Mike,

thanks very much for your advices and suggestions.

 >Oracle Solaris 11 Express provides Oracle Solaris 10 Containers which
 >are designed to solve such problems.

i'm using opensolaris 2009.06 (build 111b), am not sure if the above
will work for me. i'll check them out.

 >If you have a non-trivial installation (e.g. you are using ASM, you
 >have SAN attached disk containing file systems for binaries and
 >databases, etc.) you will likely need to do some additional

no asm or san, just local disks and zfs.

 >1) Configure the zone with zonecfg. You will most likely need to set
 >various resource controls ("add rctl" in zonecfg) for shared memory,
 >etc. I suspect that current Oracle DB installation docs will describe
 >what needs to be set.
 >2) Install the zone with zoneadm install.
 >3) Boot the zone and do any configuration needed. For example, add
 >users and groups needed.
 >4) Shut down the database
 >5) Remove (or comment) the /etc/vfstab entries corresponding to the
 >oracle databases and binaries from the global zone
 >6) Add "fs" entries to the zone's configuration (with zonecfg)
 >corresponding to the entries removed from the global zone's
 >7) Reboot the zone
 >8) Start the database in the zone.

thanks for the steps, they are very helpful, especially (6).
i'm reading that i'll need to lofs mount the relevent
oracle db install directories  into the individual zones,
and when booted, the instances will run in their non
global zones (?).

Thanks again, will try out the above steps next week,
after i install some other zones/virtualbox guests
(this question arises as i'm planning the deployments).

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