On Wed 14 Dec 2011 at 05:02PM, Ian Collins wrote:
> On 12/14/11 04:54 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
> >On 12/14/11 04:48 PM, John D Groenveld wrote:
> >>In message<4ee8183b.2050...@ianshome.com>, Ian Collins writes:
> >>>The zone originally came from a Solaris 10 update 9 system. How do I go
> >>>about patching it?
> >>Can you v2v the zone back to an S10 system and then apply the latest
> >>patches there?
> >I was hoping no one would suggest that!
> >
> That's probably harder than it appears, the zone's root zfs
> filesystems have been migrated, so they can't be sent back to an
> older OS version.

By this, do you mean that you ran /usr/lib/brand/shared/dsconvert?

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