*Delegating ZFS File system to a Non-Global Zone *

Delegating the file system will provide control to non-global zone for managing the file system properties and the priviledge to perform activities like create snapshot,clone over the file system.

[root@geekyfacts]# zonecfg -z tzone
zonecfg:tzone> add dataset
zonecfg:tzone:dataset> set name=testpool/zonefs
zonecfg:tzone:dataset> end
zonecfg:tzone> commit
zonecfg:tzone> exit

so it seems that if you want NGZ to do more with zfs fs then use the add dataset otherwise just use add fs

Non-global zone can create and delete files under the added file system, but it will not get the contol to change the file system properties like mountpoint,readonly,atime,compression. Global zone is responsible for controlling and managing the file system.

On 2/5/2012 7:18 AM, David Cushing wrote:

I would like to add a separate file system to a zone. The problem I’m trying to solve is preventing users from filling up the zone’s root partition (/). All zones including the global zone are using ZFS.

I want to add a user area (i.e. /u01) that can have its own reservations/quota. I find two methods of doing this, “add dataset” and “add fs” with mountpoint=legacy.

I don’t see any need within the zone to run zfs commands. Are there other reasons to choose one of these over the other?

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