Doug Cutting wrote:
Patrick Hunt wrote:
1) I think we should have a "contrib/recipes/{java/{main,test}/org/apache/zookeeper/... ,c/,...}" hierarchy for contributions that implement recipes, including any helper code

Are folks expected to be able to use this code as-is? Are these, in effect, libraries? If so, you might make each a separate contrib module, so they can be packaged as separate jars and folks can use them ala carte.

When you say "module" do you mean a contrib directory as a sibling to zookeeper/trunk in SVN?

my original intent was to have it as zookeeper/trunk/src/contrib/... where this directory will have not only recipes but also other contributions.

2) We should first document recipes on the wiki, then implement them in the code
The code should fully document the api/implementation, and refer to wiki page for protocol specifics.

The wiki should not be used long-term for code documentation. It's a good documentation scratchpad, but for code that's released, the documentation should be versioned and released as well, and thus should live in subversion.

Agree, we should move the recipes from wiki to forrest.

3) What should we do relative to ZK releases. Are recipes included in a release? Will bugs in recipes hold up a release?

My initial thought is that contrib is available through svn, but not included in the release. If users want to access/use this code they will be required to checkout/build themselves. (at least initially)

Won't recipes change as ZK API's change? If so, then recipes should be versioned with releases. And if non-committers are expected to download recipes, then, legally, they should be released through an official release process. Stuff in svn isn't fully covered by the Apache license. Apache only vouches for stuff that's gone through an official release process. Subversion is for internal exchange by Apache of works-in-progress, not for end users.

Hrm.  :-)

What happens in this case then, you include them as part of ZK release or you have a separate "contrib" release? It seems to me that this could have a ripple effect - where contrib is causing regular releases to be held up.

ZOOKEEPER-25 adds FUSE support, seems like we are going to have similar issues to face there. Is this a separate "release" from recipes or are all "contrib" considered to be a single release? What about when we add REST & scripting support thru contrib....

Doug, is there any documentation that I could look at at Apache that would help? Guidelines/bestpractice for "contrib"?


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