Am just wondering if I've hit this due to some other bug. I thought ZK
did keep-alive pings to ensure each client is alive and its session
does not expire? Or does the client have to explicitly keep calling
some method on the ZooKeeper interface to ensure a steady flow of
packets to the ZK server to keep it alive?

The test case WriteLockTest in the patch for ZOOKEEPER-78 (the
WriteLock) can always reproduce a SessionExpiredException when using 3
clients (its always the 3rd session that expires).

Now when a SessionExpiredException occurs, any recipe/protocol has to
be able to deal with it; so the ZOOKEEPER-84 issue is still valid
IMHO. But I'm wondering if in my test case it shouldn't be happening;
as I've got 3 clients and a server all in the same JVM and the JVM
isn't locked or pegged nor do the TCP sockets fail AFAIK.

So I just thought I'd ask; are the keep alive packets used by default?
If they are then maybe they are not sent very frequently or something?


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