2008/7/23 Benjamin Reed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> SessionExpiredExceptions should be extremely rare. Basically they should only
> happen if a machine goes down (of course that would mean no exception would
> actually get generated since the client is dead :) or a network partition
> occurs.
> Having said that we seem to have a bug that cause SessionExpiredExceptions
> when nothing bad has happened. The bug must be in the heart beat code (we do
> them automatically, so the client shouldn't have to worry about it). If you
> can reproduce it well, it would greatly help to track down the bug! Can you
> send me the code to reproduce the problem?

Its the test case WriteLockTest in the patch for ZOOKEEPER-78 which is
currently dependent on the ZOOKEEPER-84 patch as well (though given
your recent comment I'm gonna refactor the code to not require a
ZooKeeper change :)

I'll ping the list when I've refactored the test case to not require
the ZOOKEEPER-84 change.


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