It's important to capture this type of information in jira.

James Strachan wrote:
FWIW I've ran the tests a few times; I think all these 4 tests have
timing failures in them. I've seen all of them fail on OS X at some
point. Sometimes only 2 will fail. On Linux I've seen just ClientTest

2008/7/23 Patrick Hunt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I'm on ubuntu (hardy heron) and they work. Our CI machine has intermittent
failures (solaris x86):

there's some timing issue, what you're seeing is probably related to:

Frankly tests and docs are both areas that ZooKeeper could use _a lot_ of
care and feeding. Tests in particular could use some refactoring and a
better implementation for launching/testing/stopping client/server tests.

As you're able to reproduce the issue reliably would you like to take on 61?
Feel free to assign to yourself if so.

As a newbie on the project its hard enough grokking ZK itself and
attempting to contribute patches, but fixing bad test cases of ZK is
even harder :) I was hoping the folks who know ZK really well can fix
the tests they've written :). But I'll take a look and see if I can
see anything obvious I can do to help with my limited knowledge of the
history of the code and internals.

How about we raise a JIRA for all tests that fail?

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