Hi Stephen,
  Their an open jira for turning hadoops build into a maven build process.


Our release engineering follows hadoop's build process and would like to
stay with hadoop core's process so that we can get their help in release
engineering. That has been the main reason that we do not want to move to
maven currently. I think their might be some interest in moving to maven
later sometime in the future. For now, we would like to stick to ant to make
our task easier for release engineering.


On 4/4/09 2:56 PM, "Stephen Gargan" <steve.gar...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been playing around with Zookeeper for a project I'm scoping and was
> considering converting the builds to Maven. I know maven is not everyones
> favorite, so before I jump into it, I wanted to check if there would be
> interest in such an effort.
> As part of this i would
> - create a zookeeper parent pom
> - subprojects for the java and c runtimes
> - create a jute subproject and maven plugin,
> - create release and integration and static analysis profiles.
> Basically, it would be identical to the ant builds but modularized and easy
> for new developers to start hacking on  (mvn eclipse:eclipse or idea:idea
> gets a new developer working with running code in short order) .
> Anyhow, if you would like these mavenizations I'd be happy to make them
> happen. If you've any questions or comments feel free to shout.
> rgds,
> ste

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