What are you running for a session timeout on your clients?

Can you run with something like jvisualvm or jconsole, and watch the gc activity when the session timeouts occur? Might give you some insight.
Have you tried one of the alternative GC's available in the VM?
ie "Flags for Latency Applications"

We are also working on the following jira:
which will eliminate session expirations for clients w/o ephemerals. (is this the case for you?)

Try turning on debug in your client, the client will spit out:
   LOG.debug("Got ping response for sessionid:0x"
If you turn on trace logging in the server you should see session updates there as well (c->server, which control session expiration).

re HBASE-1316 - how does the jni c wrapper fix this? Isn't the code still running w/in the same (vm) process?

Unfortunately I can't think of anything else if it is the GC. Basically you'd have to increase the timeout or try another gc with lower latency.

Perhaps Mahadev/Ben/Flavio might have insight...


Nitay wrote:
Hey guys,

We've recently replaced a few pieces of HBase's cluster management and
coordination with ZooKeeper. One of guys, Andrew Purtell, has a cluster that
he throws a lot of load at. Andrew's cluster was getting a lot of
SessionExpired events which were causing some havoc. After some discussion
on the hbase list and additional testing by Andrew (tweaking things like the
session timeout, quorum size, and GC used), we suspect the problem is that
the Java GC is starving the ZooKeeper hearbeat thread from executing.

There is a JIRA open on the matter where Joey suggests a solution that has
worked for him:


We wanted to loop you guys in to see if you have any thoughts/suggestions on
the matter.


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