Hi Steve,
    Can you please create a jira and upload the code to that jira for
feedback? I am guessing that you want to contribute these tests back to
zookeeper right ? 
  Also, do take a look at src/recipes/lock for an implementation of locks on
top of zookeeper. They have some tests as well.

Also, if you are willing to work a little more on your queue implementation,
we could have that as a part of src/recipes and then people could use that.
Tests can be added to this recipe to verify them...


On 10/5/09 1:45 PM, "Steve Cheng" <steve...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> The test project on the ProjectSuggestions page, to create tests for the
> examples, sounded like a nice way to get started with ZooKeeper, I've created
> one queue test and one lock test so far.
> I'd like to make a good range of tests, a number of basic sanity ones like the
> queue test, and some more involved ones like the lock test.  The lock test
> does polling right now, another test would also test watching.  I think it's
> useful to test both.
> Any comments on this would be great, I noticed the bug about the test case
> runtime so I'm not sure what that means for more tests, thanks,
> Steven

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