TODO pondering about allocation behavior in zkpython may be removed

                 Key: ZOOKEEPER-600
             Project: Zookeeper
          Issue Type: Task
            Reporter: Gustavo Niemeyer
            Priority: Trivial

I suppose the TODO below is referring to the "path" variable which is passed in 
as an output variable to PyArg_ParseTuple right below.  The TODO may be 
removed, since the code is right.  Code using PyArg_ParseTuple will borrow the 
reference from the calling code, since there's a stack behind the call to the 
enclosing function (pyzoo_get_children in this case) which won't go away until 
the function returns.

Index: src/contrib/zkpython/src/c/zookeeper.c
--- src/contrib/zkpython/src/c/zookeeper.c      (revision 885582)
+++ src/contrib/zkpython/src/c/zookeeper.c      (working copy)
@@ -774,8 +774,6 @@
 static PyObject *pyzoo_get_children(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
-  // TO DO: Does Python copy the string or the reference? If it's the former
-  // we should free the String_vector
   int zkhid;
   char *path;
   PyObject *watcherfn = Py_None;

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