Hi Taylor,
  Really glad to see that you'd like to work on the recipes. As per your
questions, comments are in lined:

> - it should implement the java.util.concurrent interfaces so that the
> implementation may be used by anyone already familiar with the
> java.util.concurrent.* interfaces
The problem with implementing concurrent interfaces is that we do not have a
nice way to propagating errors back to the application in case of errors. It
is very much possible that if you have acquired a lock using lock(), you
might lose it because of some session expiry or network connection loss
which corresponds to you losing the ownership of the lock.

I am not sure how we could get arnd this. Though throwing RuntimeExceptions
for lock()/unlock() might solve part of the problem but not all of it.

> - it should be located in a jar that is easily accessible in a standard
> location but I don't see a standard way of writing and making available
> value-add libraries on top of ZooKeeper primitives - is there one?
I am not sure what you mean by that? Do you want to publish the jar onto
> - there are some minor issues with safe publication of mutable values in the
> code provided that should be fixed
Please go ahead and file a jira. Patches are always wecome! :)
> May someone please inform me on the best way to proceed?

The best way would be to open a jira and start a discussion on it. You can
put forward your proposal on the jira and then ask for feedback.

> Thanks!
> Taylor


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