I've been looking at ZooKeeper.  I'd like to play around with it a bit, I
noticed that some time ago there was some interest in writing classes that
implement the java.util.concurrent.* interfaces, specifically there is this
open issue:


It seems that the result of the efforts by James Strachan resulted in the
source code distributed in the recipes directory (which also contains an
implementation of a blocking queue).  I would be interested in picking up
this code and improving it, specifically:
- it should implement the java.util.concurrent interfaces so that the
implementation may be used by anyone already familiar with the
java.util.concurrent.* interfaces
- it should be located in a jar that is easily accessible in a standard
location but I don't see a standard way of writing and making available
value-add libraries on top of ZooKeeper primitives - is there one?
- there are some minor issues with safe publication of mutable values in the
code provided that should be fixed

May someone please inform me on the best way to proceed?



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