I've ported the Java ZK client to .NET.  It's available for forking at
http://github.com/ewhauser/zookeeper/.  It is still in very early stages,
but all of the client tests that I have ported complete successfully - both
normal calls and watches are working successfully.  Some things to keep in

- It's not actively being used at the moment
- I have not had any chance to do any performance testing
- The API will definitely be changing.  I've ported watches over as is in
order to get everything working, but I'll be changing that to use events
instead to make it more .NET-like.
- There are not any asynchronous methods on the ZK client API -- async
method calls are easy to do .NET.  May add a wrapper for it at some point.

If there is any interest in having any part of my work go back into trunk,
I'm happy to sign the ASF release.  In particular, it would be nice if the
C# support I added to Jute made it back into the core code base.

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