HI Vishal,
  There is patch available for 3.3 branch which I think should apply.


On the other hand its not a good idea to have run your own patched version
of ZooKeeper in production. 3.3.2 should be out by next week, you might want
to wait for that and then use it.


On 7/29/10 1:48 PM, "Vishal K" <vishalm...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> What would be the right way to apply a zookeeper patch. For instance, if I
> am using zookeeper-3-3.0 and I would like to apply a patch for ZOOKEEPER-790
> to this version.
> However, I presume that the patch that I have is generate from the trunk. Is
> there a way I can get a patch specific to zookeeper-3-3.0?
> Thanks.
> -Vishal

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