+1 for moving forward, and I was wondering if you have an idea of when you'd have a draft of the proposal. It would be good to iterate over it perhaps.


On Oct 20, 2010, at 7:50 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:

It's been a few days, any thoughts? Acceptable? I'd like to keep moving the
ball forward. Thanks.


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2010/10/14 Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org>

In March of this year we discussed a request from the Apache Board, and
Hadoop PMC, that we become a TLP rather than a subproject of Hadoop:

Original discussion

I originally voted against this move, my primary concern being that we
not "ready" to move to tlp status given our small contributor base and
limited contributor diversity. However I'd now like to revisit that
discussion/decision. Since that time the team has been working hard to
attract new contributors, and we've seen significant new contributions
in. There has also been feedback from board/pmc addressing many of these
concerns (both on the list and in private). I am now less concerned about
this issue and don't see it as a blocker for us to move to TLP status.

A second concern was that by becoming a TLP the project would lose it's
connection with Hadoop, a big source of new users for us. I've been
(and you can see with the other projects that have moved to tlp status;
pig/hive/hbase/etc...) that this connection will be maintained. The
ZooKeeper tab for example will redirect to our new homepage.

Other Apache members also pointed out to me that we are essentially
operating as a TLP within the Hadoop PMC. Most of the other PMC members
little or no experience with ZooKeeper and this makes it difficult for
to monitor and advise us. By moving to TLP status we'll be able to govern
ourselves and better set our direction.

I believe we are ready to become a TLP. Please respond to this email with
your thoughts and any issues. I will call a vote in a few days, once
discussion settles.



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