This sounds great.

On 10/16/10 1:56 AM, "Thomas Koch" <> wrote:

> Benjamin Reed:
>>   actually, the other way of doing the netty patch (since i'm scared of
>> merges) would be to do a refactor cleanup patch with an eye toward
>> netty, and then another patch to actually add netty. [...]
> Hi Benjamin,
> I've had exactly the same thought last evening. Instead of trying to find the
> bug(s) in the current patch, I'd like to start it over again and do small
> incremental changes from the current trunk towards the current ZOOKEEPER-823
> patch.
> Maybe I could do this in ZOOKEEPER-823 patch, this would mean to revert the
> already applied ZOOKEEPER-823 patch.
> Then I want to test each incremental step at least 5 times to find the step(s)
> that breaks ZK.
> This approach should take me another two weeks, I believe, mostly because each
> Test run takes ~15-25 minutes.
> Cheers,
> Thomas Koch,

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