Benjamin Reed:
>   actually, the other way of doing the netty patch (since i'm scared of
> merges) would be to do a refactor cleanup patch with an eye toward
> netty, and then another patch to actually add netty. [...]
Hi Benjamin,

I've had exactly the same thought last evening. Instead of trying to find the 
bug(s) in the current patch, I'd like to start it over again and do small 
incremental changes from the current trunk towards the current ZOOKEEPER-823 
Maybe I could do this in ZOOKEEPER-823 patch, this would mean to revert the 
already applied ZOOKEEPER-823 patch.
Then I want to test each incremental step at least 5 times to find the step(s) 
that breaks ZK.
This approach should take me another two weeks, I believe, mostly because each 
Test run takes ~15-25 minutes.


Thomas Koch,

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