Thanks Mahadev. We are using those C# bindings but also need native windows 
C/C++. Every language all the time!


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Hi Camille,
 I think definitely there is. I think a build script with a set of
requirements and a nice set of docs on how to start using it would be great.
BTW, there is a C# binding which someone wrote earlier

You can take a look at that and see if you want to extend that or write your


On 11/3/10 7:18 AM, "Fournier, Camille F. [Tech]" <>

> Hi everyone,
> We have a requirement for a native windows-compatible version of the ZK C api.
> We're currently working on various ways to do this port, but would very much
> like to submit this back to you all when we are finished so that we don't have
> to maintain the code ourselves through future releases. Is there interest in
> having this? What would you need with this patch (build scripts, etc) to
> accept it?
> Thanks,
> Camille

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