The ZK qabot which tests the JIRA patch queue on hudson is again
operational. I have seen a few "false failures" in the c client
binding tests, Nigel is going to look into it.

You can see the results of tests on the JIRA (qabot appends as a
comment), also details/list here:

If you login to hudson you can actually test a particular JIRA
directly by clicking "build now" and entering the JIRA number into the
input box. Otw (if you do not have a login) you can cancel the patch
in JIRA and re-submit. Either will trigger the patch testing workflow.
Note, the most recent attachment to the JIRA will be tested.


On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 10:43 AM, Patrick Hunt <> wrote:
> Nigel and Giri are working on fixing ZK's patch queue on hudson. You
> may see some spurious messages for a bit as we get things working
> again.
> This is the hudson process that tests new JIRA patches. When you
> attach a patch to a JIRA and "submit" it hudson will automatically
> verify the patch and comment on the jira. Here's an example:
> Once "hadoopqa" bot has given it's blessing (typically +1 overall but
> there are some exceptions) committers generally will start their
> detailed review for commit.
> Given this workflow/automation important that you follow the details
> on our how to contribute page, esp in regards to creating the patch:
> If you have any questions please do let us know.
> Regards,
> Patrick

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