Have a couple of questions on the proposed multi-tenancy feature (pardon
me if they are obvious, as I am slowly getting up to speed):

a)      First, good initiative. I think this will make ZK more
pervasive. I plan to participate and contribute
b)      Is there any assumption on the trust and security ? i.e. could
we assume that the servers would be in a secure environment and so no
need for SSL et al., could we trust the MAC Address/IP Address (this
also raises the question of NAT et al, if they are relevant) and could
we make an assumption that there is no need for a secure identity ?
c)      I remember seeing one of Ben's ToDo, an entry for distributed
ZK. I couldn't find a resolution or write-up. Possible, I am missing
something obvious. Anyway, Is it already in place or do we need to
consider that feature in the multi-tenancy capability ? 

Cheers & thanks

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5) (begin) multi-tenancy support. A number of users have expressed 
interest in being able to deploy ZK as a service in a cloud. 
Multi-tenancy support would be a huge benefit (quota, qos, namespace 
partitioning of nodes, billing, etc...)


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