Hi Kevin,
  It would be great to have such high level interfaces. It could be
something that you could contribute :) . We havent had the bandwidth to
provide such interfaces for zookeeper. It would be great to have all such
recipes as a part of contrib package of zookeeper.


On 1/9/09 11:44 AM, "Kevin Burton" <bur...@spinn3r.com> wrote:

> OK.... so it sounds from the group that there are still reasons to provide
> rope in ZK to enable algorithms like leader election.
> Couldn't ZK ship higher level interfaces for leader election, mutexes,
> semapores, queues, barriers, etc instead of pushing this on developers?
> Then the remaining APIs, configuration, event notification, and discovery,
> can be used on a simpler, rope free API.
> The rope is what's killing me now :)
> Kevin

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