Benjamin Reed wrote:

you are correct we usually increment the version number on an API breakage.
in the olden days if you called a function with less parameters than
expected, a null would get passed. if this still happens we are ABI
compatible. (i haven't tried it though...)

  Yeah, I wondered about that; it's not something I'd want to assume
worked on every platform, I think.

Patrick Hunt wrote:

Btw, the version is in the config.h file, generated by autotools, as VERSION. We don't break that out as individual parameters but we can if there is interest.

  That's useful, I'd missed that.  Thanks; that should work for me
for now.

To get this worked out and working will will take some time. If it's ok with you, and if there is community interest in doing this, why don't we address these process changes in 3.2? Please enter a JIRA to document this for 3.2 and we'll work something out. We'll also do a better job of documenting exactly what the rules are related to non-bw compat api changes and version numbering.

  I'll think about doing that, sure.  FWIW, there are also the libtool
conventions for library file naming to consider.


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