Patrick Hunt wrote:

Chris, please take a look at the patch on 293 asap and let us know if you have any issues -- I will be spinning a new release once mahadev/ben review and commit the change.

  That looks great -- covers a bunch of things, thanks!

ps. I noticed you had some additional suggestions for the c code in JIRA, thanks. FYI we do accept contributions from anyone. ;-)

  Yes, I've submitted a couple of patches (see ZOOKEEPER-262) and
written an httpd module for ZooKeeper, and hope to write another one
when the slotmem API is baked.  The small-object cache one is available
from my Apache page:

  But it's all a question of spare time.  :-)  I hope to have another
more generally useful package available shortly; I'll put it up on
my Apache page when its ready for general testing and use.  Working
on that has been what turned up some of the issues I submitted
(e.g., deallocating memory per ZOOKEEPER-294).



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