So far we've stayed with the process used by core as this minimizes the amount of work we need to do re process/build/release, etc... we just copy the process/build/release etc... used in core, we get all that for free. I'm hesitant to diverge as this will increase the amount of work we need to do. Core has moved to Ivy, we may move to that at some point, but currently we're focused on adding functionality, fixing bugs -- not changing build.


Anthony Urso wrote:
Speaking of the contrib section, what is the status of ZOOKEEPER-103?
Is it ready to be reevaluated now that 3.0 is out?


On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Mahadev Konar <> wrote:
Hi Kevin,
 It would be great to have such high level interfaces. It could be
something that you could contribute :) . We havent had the bandwidth to
provide such interfaces for zookeeper. It would be great to have all such
recipes as a part of contrib package of zookeeper.


On 1/9/09 11:44 AM, "Kevin Burton" <> wrote:

OK.... so it sounds from the group that there are still reasons to provide
rope in ZK to enable algorithms like leader election.
Couldn't ZK ship higher level interfaces for leader election, mutexes,
semapores, queues, barriers, etc instead of pushing this on developers?

Then the remaining APIs, configuration, event notification, and discovery,
can be used on a simpler, rope free API.

The rope is what's killing me now :)


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