I am a ZooKeeper newbie, so pardon me if I am repeating questions that have 
been raised before.

I believe the implementation of QuorumCnxManager.haveDelivered() is incorrect. 
If I understand correctly, queueSendMap contains a queue of messages for each 
peer to which the local peer is trying to send election messages. When 
FastLeaderElection notices a timeout while polling for inbound messages, it 
checks to see if all the messages have been delivered by calling this function. 
So shouldn't this function actually check each queue in the hash map and return 
true if all of them are empty? This method is rather returning true the if just 
one of the queues is empty?

     * Check if all queues are empty, indicating that all messages have been 
    boolean haveDelivered() {
        for (ArrayBlockingQueue<ByteBuffer> queue : queueSendMap.values()) {
            LOG.debug("Queue size: " + queue.size());
            if (queue.size() == 0)
                return true;

        return false;

Also, could someone expain the reason behind maitaining a queue of messages for 
each peer in queueSendMap? Why do we need a per peer queue here? Since this is 
used during election, the local peer is not sending more than one message at a 
time to the remote peer. So the hash map needs to store just one message per 
remote peer?


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