I was investigating scalaris (http://code.google.com/p/scalaris/) but found
it does not support a persistent storage.
In their faq they say it cant be done because they assume that a majority of
the replicas of an item is always available.
If this precondition is violated, a majority of the nodes with replicas of
an item x is not available, the item cannot be changed. It is lost.
Persistent storage cannot help directly.
So i would like to understand if zookeeper work the same way or their is a
recovery model for  when the majority of the goes down and then back up.

Unlike zookeeper with scalaris servers can be added or removed on the fly
without any service downtime.
>From what i can understand in zookeeper you need to have a fixed server list
that every body share.
Would it be possible to add on the fly server addition and removal to

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